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GlobalConnect@SBF works hand-in-hand with you to land your business overseas. Use our accumulated knowledge, expertise, and networks to scale and grow with the right strategies — no matter where you are on your globalisation journey.

Stories of success

Kew Organics

“We lacked information on consumer preferences and behaviours… GlobalConnect@SBF gave us the knowledge we need to avoid pitfalls. Very quickly, despite COVID-19, they worked relentlessly and found us a distributor with the right resources.”

Lily Kew
Founder & CEO, Kew Organics

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With over 2,000 active businesses trading today, GCB2B is designed to help businesses find and get to know new partners overseas, before making your first cross-border transaction – all from your desk.

Join GCB2B’s vibrant community of supplier and customers. Connect with over 2,000 partners and customers regionally.

Set up your company profile in minutes. Your digital shopfront is ready for business.

Become an international business instantly. All from a single dedicated digital business platform.


Stories of success

One Vibes

“GlobalConnect@SBF found us a major lead in Dubai… we placed our vending machines in strategic locations, selling a wide variety of Singapore brands. We are now ready to take this model to other markets.”

Amanda A Atan
Founder, One Vibes Nation Vending & Franchise Management Pte Ltd

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