FTA Education Outreach


We are committed to help you understand and navigate the intricacies of FTAs. Connect with us to Learn this expertise for yourself, and you can arm your business with the know-how to increase your competitive advantage abroad.

We can help you:


Raise your awareness and educate your commercial teams businesses on how they can benefit from using Singapore’s FTAs.


Be your one-stop advisory centre for your FTA-related enquiries and advices.


Make your voice heard as we gather your feedback on FTA related issues so that the Singapore Government can better facilitate trade for our business community.

Did you know?

Using Free Trade Agreements


Reduce tariffs for your imports of eligible goods


Improve market access and create more business opportunities overseas


Expedite customs clearance for your shipments


Offer you a recourse should you face problems with your overseas partner


Provide a stable trading environment for your goods and services

How can we help?

We offer the following services through various channels:
1-to-1 advisory service
Seminars and Training
Industry Consultation

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