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Learn your way to business expansion success. Tap on our accumulated knowledge to navigate overseas markets. Get the latest updates on regulatory and legislative information across the region.

Free Trade Agreements: Level up your overseas exports and investments

Singapore is signatory to over 20 free trade agreements (FTAs) with countries spanning the globe. FTAs are key to enable Singapore businesses enter overseas markets with greater speeds, lower costs and higher protections.

To Learn how to use FTAs to your advantage, tap on our repository of FTA knowledge or sign up for our deep-dive workshops. Our FTA Team is ready to help you demystify this useful overseas business expansion tool.


Asia Infrastructure Opportunities: Access key information & networks

With Singapore’s burgeoning reputation across sectors such as financial services, water and waste management, built environment, and smart city infrastructure, GlobalConnect@SBF brings together Singapore businesses with track records in these domains, to help them pursue large-scale regional opportunities.

Learn more more about regional infrastructure projects across ASEAN and beyond, understand the process of mastering large-scale tenders, identify suitable projects and connect with potential partners and collaborators including some of Singapore’s most experienced and successful companies. Contact our market advisors today to start your journey.

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Go beyond the classroom and learn about exciting opportunities in-market. Through overseas trips, trade shows, and forums, learn about new markets, while being there yourself.

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Stories of success

Kew Organics

“We lacked information on consumer preferences and behaviours… GlobalConnect@SBF gave us the knowledge we need to avoid pitfalls. Very quickly, despite COVID-19, they worked relentlessly and found us a distributor with the right resources.”

Lily Kew
Founder & CEO, Kew Organics