About GlobalConnect@SBF

Singapore Business Federation (SBF), in partnership with Enterprise Singapore, has set up GlobalConnect@SBF to be the partner for Singapore companies looking to expand overseas. With a focus on ASEAN, frontier and emerging markets, FTA education and outreach, and markets along the Belt and Road, GlobalConnect@SBF supports companies’ business expansion plans to new markets. It is available to both SBF and non-SBF members.

Regardless the market, industry or the stage of internationalisation, GlobalConnect@SBF can help. GlobalConnect@SBF supports companies in the following stages of internationalisation:

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Setting the Stage

You’re a business with global ambitions but you’re not sure where to start. GlobalConnect@SBF can help you explore and identify potential markets as well as link you to relevant government resources.

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Building the Foundation

You’ve identified the markets and are ready to take the next step. GlobalConnect@SBF can help you build your research and market entry strategy and connect you with the right business partners.

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Starting up Overseas

You’re ready to open your overseas office. GlobalConnect@SBF can help you with financing and compliance advisory as well as corporate setup services.

With a robust network of local and overseas partners, which comprises trade associations and chambers, business service providers and government agencies, GlobalConnect@SBF provides a comprehensive suite of assistance services for companies looking to internationalise.

Companies can expect to benefit from services below:


Internal Advisory

  • FTA advisory

  • Internationalisation advisory

  • Government grants

  • Professional Services Advisory (Tax, Financing, Marketing, IP, etc)


Market Information

  • Basic market information

  • Market research reports

  • Customised market/industry reports


Business Matching

  • Market-focused activities such as missions, fairs and exhibitions, seminars and business networking events

  • Business matching services

  • Partnership assessment services


Capability Development

  • Overseas Market Workshops

  • FTA training

  • SBF Business Institute’s internationalisation track


In-Market Facilitation

  • Dispute and resolution services

  • Corporate setup advisory, which includes:

    • Company Registration

    • License Facilitation

    • Local Staff Recruitment

    • Office Facilitation


AEMEA (Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa & South Asia)

GlobalConnect@SBF provides opportunities for Singapore SMEs to learn about trade and investment opportunities and land their businesses in frontier and emerging markets, such as Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, and Emerging Europe.

Africa Business Group

The Africa Business Group is a platform that facilitates exchanges between the Singapore business community and their African counterparts. It also supports Singapore companies to make inroads into the African markets and contribute to the developmental needs of the region.

Middle East Business Group

The Middle East Business Group (MEBG) provides networking opportunities for business communities in Singapore and those in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. MEBG, as a broad-based facilitator, also paves the road for Singapore companies in the MENA region and likewise assists companies from the MENA region to reach out to the Singapore business community.



As a key region of interest for Singapore SMEs, GlobalConnect@SBF helps provide in-roads to priority markets such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar.

In-market support services will be available in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and Jakarta, Indonesia by the end of 2020.

Malaysia Singapore Business Council (MSBC)

The Malaysia Singapore Business Council (MSBC) promotes business and investment activities between countries. Closer collaboration between Singapore and Malaysia companies are achieve through the networking and sharing of best practices.

ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN BAC)

The ASEAN BAC is mandated by the ASEAN leaders as the official ASEAN linkage to provide private sector feedback and guidance to boost ASEAN's effort towards economic integration, to identify priority areas for consideration by the ASEAN leaders, and to provide policy recommendations to the ASEAN leaders.

Vietnam Singapore Business Council (VSBC)

The Vietnam-Singapore Business Council (VSBC) is a bilateral consultation mechanism between SBF and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce & Industry (VCCI) which brings together business leaders with existing and potential interests in the respective markets to strengthen economic and commercial ties, communicate its joint recommendations to the Singapore and Vietnam governments, and more.

CNA (China & North Asia)

CNA (China & North Asia)

China and North Asia (CNA) markets have been popular among Singapore SMEs for business expansion. GlobalConnect@SBF seeks to connect businesses to Belt & Road opportunities in the region through seminars, events and the BRI Connect Portal.

Infrastructure Committee

A private sector-led initiative, the SBF Infrastructure Committee (SBF IC) brings together the Singapore business community to foster capabilities in key focus sectors and build a robust infrastructure ecosystem to help Singapore companies seize regional opportunities.

FTA Agreement & Outreach

Free Trade Agreement Education & Outreach

SBF’s Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Education and Outreach team seeks to raise awareness and educate Singapore businesses on the benefits of using Singapore’s FTAs. It also serves as a one-stop advisory centre for all FTA-related enquiries and gathers feedback on trade-related issues so that the Singapore Government can better facilitate trade for our business community.

International Relations

International Relations

As a small and open economy, Singapore is heavily dependent on international trade and highly sensitive to global economic developments. SBF’s International Relations team monitors developments in international trade and geopolitics that have the potential to impact Singapore businesses, and advocates for their interests on international platforms.

SBF Business Institute

SBF Business Institute

The SBF Business Institute (SBI) leverages professional practitioners and certified trainers to help companies address pertinent business challenges by providing training services that boost capabilities and upskill the workforce.

Research & Publishing

Research & Publishing

The SBF Research & Publishing team provides timely and insightful research on the Singapore business community. It seeks to gather feedback and to identify the needs, concerns and future plans of the business community so that prevalent issues can be addressed through engagement with various stakeholders and targeted initiatives and impactful programmes.



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